Breaking Grounds in Music is pleased to offer highly accomplished and well educated instructors who enable students of all ages and abilities to become proficient in playing their musical instrument. Our instructors have the ability to customize lessons accordingly to the student's playing level, learning approach, and age. Whether your musical desire is to join a band, learn a music composition for school, take your skills to the next level, develop a specific musical style, or simply learn an instrument as a therapeutic outlet, we can accommodate your needs!


We offer music lessons in the following instruments: drums, piano, guitar (electric, rhythmic, and acoustic), bass guitar, violin, cello, French horn, trombone, trumpet, and voice.

Reading Music

Students will be taught to read music so they can use their natural talents and take them as far as possible. Innate musical talent is a wonderful gift, but without the ability to read music, growth and success are limited.


A musician should never be labeled as a specific kind of musician, such as a "rock musician". Rather, musicians should have the ability to play any kind of style so they're prepared to play for any kind of occasion. A core component of our education includes instruction in various musical styles. Becoming versatile opens doors to other styles of music that our students never could have imagined they would enjoy – and sometimes opportunities that could never be foreseen. Versatility makes a musician more marketable as a working musician and prevents boredom while practicing. At Breaking Grounds in Music, we are committed to diversifying your skills in all the different genres of music.


Some students have the ability to create music on the spot, while others struggle with just playing anything. We teach students improvisational techniques that will help them develop their own sound, feel, and style. Improvisation is often the manifestation of technique. We are committed to developing sound technique that will lead to the ability to improvise music. At the end of the day, a student does not want to sound like a book; he or she would rather sound like themselves and play to their fullest potential!


Class Formats

Individual classes are held at our Breaking Grounds in Music, Inc., which is just east of downtown Arlington Heights. We are located at:

1325 East Davis Street
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

We offer three different class times at three different prices:

  1. Thirty-minute weekly lessons for $25.00
  2. Forty-five minute weekly lessons for $35.00
  3. One hour weekly lessons for $40.00


It is my pleasure to highly recommend Breaking Grounds in Music. My son has taken private conga lessons with Chris, the business owner, over the past several years. Private lessons with Chris have not only enhanced my son's comprehension of music theory and improved his skills and technique, but also given my son tremendous confidence and joy. My son enjoys working with Chris and always looks forward to his weekly lessons.

Chris is an excellent teacher, dedicated to serving the varying musical needs of all students. He has a genuine interest in the lives and passions of each student, providing a tailored curriculum for each. Chris believes in the importance of music and the appreciative use of music to enhance life.

Finally, Chris is a man of great personal integrity. I appreciate his honesty and professionalism when it comes to lesson scheduling and reasonableness of fees. He is an exceptional communicator and facilitates honest exchanges between and among student, instructor and parent.

- Georgiana T. (Review from Yelp)