Master Classes

"Productive Practicing"

Class Description:

Have you ever felt that you're just not progressing on your instrument? Does it take you too long to learn new music? Do you feel like you have plateaued in your musical ability? If you answered YES! to any these questions, the solution is closer than you think. Before you try a new amp promised to make you sound "just like Slash", a new brass mouthpiece guaranteed to "improve your tone by 100%", or reading another book teaching you to "play like a pro without any extra work", try improving the way you practice. Whether you're a new music student or a veteran performer, preparing for highly competitive auditions or just hoping to improve at home, all of us can use work on our practice routine.

Join Breaking Grounds in Music for our "Productive Practicing" masterclass. In this engaging and interactive hour long class, you will learn the key elements of practice and how to apply them to your musical goals. You will discover the real reason the pro's are at the top of the music world (spoiler alert: they practice... a lot!).You will learn how practicing can feel enjoyable instead of a chore. And, most importantly, you will be taught how to make every moment count when you're practicing.

No need to bring your instrument to this session. Just come with a passion for music, an open mind, and something to take notes with. A summary handout will also be provided to all attendees.

Teacher Bio:

Peter Held started playing the French Horn in 6th grade and spent many many hours in his parents basement watching the timer count down to the end of his practice sessions and the beginning of freedom! Despite his love/hate relationship with practicing (actually... there was no love...), Peter became a good musician and he decided to major in music education in college. Productive practicing became important as the music got harder and the gigs started paying. Under the mentorship of some world class musicians and educators, Peter learned how to make every minute count while practicing. After graduating with his music education degree, Peter has established himself as a Chicago-land music educator and performer. As the lead masterclass instructor at Breaking Grounds in Music, he enjoys the opportunity to pass along the wisdom and insights he has received over the years.


Monday, March 20th from 6:00pm - 7:00pm at Christian Liberty Academy


Christian Liberty Academy
502 Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004
-The class will be held in the music band room


$25.00 per person.
-You will also receive a packet on what you learned in the class

To register, please contact:

(847) 815-5062 or contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.