Steps To Taking Music Lessons

The Steps and Options to Music Lessons at Breaking Grounds in Music

Free Trial Lesson –

The purpose of this lesson is to make sure our program and instructor are a good fit for you. You will go over the lesson objectives, expectations, receive important information on the lessons, and have an opportunity to play your instrument. If you already have experience playing your instrument, the instructor will hear you play to the best of your ability to get a thorough assessment on your playing status. This will help the instructor determine a starting point, and most importantly, it will provide information to the instructor that will help differentiate the lessons.

Option 1 – "I'm interested and know I want to do this!"

If the trial lesson is well received and you or your child wants to pursue music lessons without hesitation, you will set up a time that mutually works with you and the instructor and start lessons as soon as possible!

Option 2 – "I'm interested, but I'm not sure if I'll stick with it!"

Quite often, students who are interested in taking music lessons on a specific instrument are not absolutely certain they will be committed on a long-term basis. This is completely understandable. Music instruments and lessons can be very costly and sometimes not worth pursuing if a student is not committed to attending the lessons and practicing regularly. In a situation such as this, we offer trial package lessons where students can take a package of lessons and determine if they are committed to the lessons. After the package of lessons the instructor and student agree to, the instructor and student will evaluate the student's level of interest and progression. They will determine if they will proceed with the lessons on a regular basis or not.

Option 3 – "I'm not interested; the instructor was nice, but not a good fit for me."

If you or your child does not feel comfortable with the teacher or the teaching philosophy is not a conducive fit for you, you have the choice to not pursue or try out lessons with us. Again, there is no obligation to the free evaluation lesson!

Option 4 – "I'd like to do this, but I can lose interest in the future if I pursue another hobby or get too busy to practice."

If you or your child lose interest after an extended period of time, you have the right to discontinue lessons at any time. There is no contractual agreement made. Our only request is to be open and transparent with the teacher, and allow advanced notification of discontinuing the lessons. The door will always be open for you to return to lessons if your interest rekindles.

Option 5 – "I'm very interested, but I know my son will have a conflict with basketball season approaching."

This is a common concern among parents as many students are involved in extra-curricular activities and thus, may lead to a conflict with music lessons. If you or your child encounters a conflict with a sport or extra-curricular activity, you can request a change of time in lessons with the instructor that mutually works with your and his/her schedule. Again, we request that there's advanced notification given to the instructor so he/she can plan their schedule accordingly and work out a new time for you. We do not recommend taking any extended time off from lessons. This will result in a loss of motivation to playing, loss of momentum to progressing, and regression in your skills. Options can be worked out if there are subsequent scheduling conflicts.




"I found this place via the internet looking for drum lessons for my son who is 8 yrs old.  When I spoke to Chris his enthusiasm for teaching and music was obvious.  Every time I see him that never changes.  

He choose Alex to teach my son and he loves going there and learning from him,  Alex is great with him.  I can easy see that Alex really enjoys teaching.  It not just a job to him.  The two seem to have fun working together and feed off each other.  To me as a parent that is the most important thing.  He inspires him to want to learn and have fun,  He is a very good teacher and is open to ideas and willing to try whatever methods he feels works best.  That is the sign of a really good teacher.

If you or someone you know wants to learn an instrument, I would highly recommend giving them a try.  You will not be disappointed.

Good value for the money. Very reasonable."

-Glenn Barr (Review from Yelp)