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Find The Best Time

We have been looking at ways of stirring our creativity playing our musical instrument.  Regardless of where a musician is at in their journey, we all go through peaks and valleys.  There are times where there is much material to practice that awaits us, and other times where we feel like we have exhausted our options or ran out of motivation.  So far, we have learned the importance of listening, developing ideas, and transcribing music, as this gives us a new perspective how to develop more possibilities.  You can review these principles in past blogs we have posted.  Our last principle of stirring our creativity is to find the best time.  In a future blog, we will discuss the importance of exercise and nutrition being a musician.  Along with these, find the best time during the day to play your instrument.  If you are tired, you will not be at your fullest potential.  Select a designated time where you’re most sharp, alert, and can perform at optimum levels.  You will be more creative.  Thus, creativity breeds creativity.  The more you stir cream in a cup of coffee, the more it will permeate throughout the coffee.  When we select a time of practice when we are most creative, this creativity will compound at our craft!  All of my ideas on the drums have come from times when I’m most sharp, alert, and energized.  When I’m tired after a long day, I will “maintenance practice” to maintain my ability, but when I’m most alert, I will “creatively practice” to cultivate new approaches and concepts.  It is important for you to know when you’re at your best.  Allocate this time to practicing your instrument as you’ll be most prone to progression and innovation!